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Stone Wolf Creations
Custom Model Horses, Resins, Model Horse Tack, Photo Backdrops, Equine Art, Photography and more.
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1 Model Horse Artist Resins by Deborah McDermott
702 4435

Realistic horse sculptures by Deborah McDermott available in bronze and resin.
2 Sunny Trails Stables
368 1157

Have a look at our stables and have a chance to meet our beautiful model horses. Grand Champions, breyer, Schleich and much more.
3 Legacy Studios
331 2371

Quality custom model horses at an affordable price. Stop by our gallery today!
4 The AuSable Collection
198 978
Looking for a place to Promote & Market your Arabian & Half-Arab stallions/mares, sales horses, PA Program or tack or customizing services?
5 The All Breeds Racing Board
180 22965

We are an online model horse racing group that offers semi-realistic race meets for a selection of breeds in the hobby. Currently we are offering races for Quarter Horse, Appaloosas, Paints, Thoroughb
6 Hallelujah Bronze Art Gallery
168 2023

We specialize in bronze, resin, paintings & drawings of horses, dogs and wildlife. I've done horse portraits since I was 14 years old.
7 FriesianFury Studio
92 1865

Specializing in customizing the model horse!
8 Triple Mountain Model Horses
80 271

Trusted supplier of new and vintage models to collectors around the world, with hundreds of models in stock all the time.
9 Ansata Custom Model Horses
76 792
Custom model horses by Faye Cohen.
Specializing in models with mohair mane and tails.
10 Wild Horse Canyon Model Horse Stud
61 1463

Wild Horse Canyon is a place where all horses are welcome, and they run free among the beautiful rocky mountains and valleys of the canyon. We hold shows, and you can buy custom halters and bridles!
11 Zovi Stables
48 92

A small but qualitative Pedigree Assignment stable
12 Crazyhorse Studios
46 2086

World class model horse sculptures, customs, and resins. Specializing in stock horses and long ears, foals and realistic paint patterns.
13 Crawford Park Stud
40 1884

Crawford Park Stud is situated in sunny Queensland in Australia. We are involved in all facets of collecting and showing. The stud consists of all model horse types - come see for yourself!!
14 The World of Model horses
38 1612

Personal site with galleries of my models, model horse tack and links.
15 Summer Snow Customs
36 2309

High quality custom horses that are proven to win in the show ring.
16 Alabama-Sunshine-Farm
28 1360

My personal collection of model horses, great links and many photos of my beloved dog.
17 Golden Rose Ranch
25 71

Golden Rose Ranch is a model horse pedigree assignment site devoted to the love and learning of horses!
18 Ebony Ranch
13 754
Ebony Ranch is a relatively new stable with about 20 horses. We are currently holding a race and a photo show. (Description Updated 12-11-11)
19 Thistlewood Stables & Tack
10 770
This website is for model horses. Here we breed model horses and sell tack.
20 Desert Night Creations Museum Quality Tack
9 1196

Desert Night Creations (Heather Abounader) makes top LSQ tack that has won across the country and at the North American Model Horse Nationals
21 Waby Hill Stable
8 577
A website of my collection and other related stuffs!
8 192

Register your model horse or pony for free
23 Sweet Peach Stables
7 392
Come visit our stables, where there are a variety of breeds for you to pick for the parents of your foal! Fabulous studs, mares, and even a few items for sale! Check my wanted list to see if you have what I need!
24 Royal Comet Stables
7 437
We are mainly a stud barn and have all of our horses listed right on our site, updates, and much more!
25 Sol Del Mar Farms
7 333

Quality Stud and Show Barn. *Where Champions Thrive*
26 World of Model Horses, LLC
6 111
We offer 100's of items for the model horse enthusiast, including: Backdrops for photo shows, props, new and used Breyer model horses, New CollectA model horses, mini tack and suppies, customizing su
27 Hefina Park
4 378
We welcome all viewers to our website based on Breyer model horses, we are currently working on pedigrees so not all horses have them yet. But please don't hesitate to visit
28 Applewood Stables
4 282
The finest model horses anywhere. Stud farm an pedigree office for Breyer and schleich and collecta. Come and visit us today also we host MHOYS every year (model horse of the year)
29 Fire Run Model Horse Stable
3 690
Prop Maker!! Also My Show String
30 Deesmidnightinspirations
2 175
Specializing in Hagen-Renaker China model horses.
New Custom HR's always for Sale.
SM Sized Arabian Costumes for Sale as well as Miniature blankets & seats to Create your own!
31 Ebony Stables
2 102
Stallions and mares with great pedigrees are available for STUD and Breeding. Come check them out!
32 Model Horse Society New Site
2 668
The MHS caters for all collectors,enthusiasts, and newcomers,Online shows,Open to non UK residents. This site gives you up to date information on the latest news from the Model Horse Society
33 Oasis Stables
2 915
Site from a dutch collector; Peter Stone & Breyer
34 Tumble Weed Stables
1 316
hello everyone,

I am the owner of Tumble Weed Stables. Tumble weed stables was found around 3 years ago. We breed horses from Arabians to Draught horses.
35 dressagegmodelhorsetack
1 474
great site!!! stuff for sale and much more!!!
36 Smokey Hallow Stables
1 642
Site about my stable of breyer horses. Free photo shows, store, link libaray, and lost of other stuff!
37 Chestnut Ridge
1 1495
A model horse site that sells a variety of items including the award winning Chestnut Ridge customs by Catriona Burt as well as hobby items, custom tack, OF's, bodies and resins.
38 Weijburg Studios - Equine Art by Nikki Weijburg
1 44
I paint and customize model horses in a variety of scales using the highest quality acrylics, airbrush, pastels and other materials.

All pieces are one of a kind and truly have a one of a kind character.
39 Trotter Field Stables
1 221
We breed Breyer horses.
40 Eborny Fields
1 549
Eborny Fields is kind of like Ebony, but add an R and I think it sounds pretty. we're a small model horse farm that is slowly expanding, with our own club even! Thanks for considering us!
41 Tarngyll Stables
1 423
A website about Julip Horses showcasing my collection.
42 Grand Champions and Geegees Stud Farm
1 607
Welcome to GC and GG! Come and have a look around our brilliant setup, meet all our beautiful horses and see what services we offer at our yard. We look forward to welcoming you!
43 Ultimate Find Productions
1 774
Authentic style model horse costumes from around the world. Arabian, Akhal-Teke, Portuguese, Marwari tack and more. Visit our site & enjoy all the pictures!
44 Moon on the Water Stables
0 26
To model Horses Breeding, Showing, Racing, Driving more ...
45 Chelsea's Model Horses
0 197
My goal is to provide other Model Horse Hobbiests with a unique shopping boutique for model horse needs, as well as unique service offerings such as consignements and Breyerfest orders.
46 Bienvenu Horse Studios
0 12
My passion for Horses!
47 Meg Walker Originals
0 43
Custom made fine china animal figurines.
48 Durraya Equestrian Center
0 126
Come check out our stallion station-we have breeds for every program, representing the finest bloodlines available today. Also offering training, boarding, and lessons.
49 Western Trails
0 112

I make western horse tack in Traditional and Classic sizes.
50 Day Break Stables
0 367
This website has model horses for sale, model horse news, polls and more!

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